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Welcome to Wild-Mirror.com this is my personal web page about my obsession with reverse mortgages and is maintained by little ol' me.  I decided while I was creating a web page for the safe zone web page that I should redo my reverse mortgage hobby one as well so here we go.

Reverse mortgage loans are promises of secured and safe future and they are my personal hobby as well.

I have a long time obsession of helping consumers that are looking for safe and secure ways of acquiring reverse mortgages on their real estate. I already helped a number of elderly couples who were deciding on their retirement plans based on their financial stability. I can provide information to make you understand all you need to know about reverse mortgage loans and the various available plans. Reverse mortgage loans are a lifetime opportunity for owning your home without repaying the mortgage loan as long as you are living in the house. Senior citizens can get their home equity turn into a tax-free steady monthly income.

When I graduate I plan on opening a company called wild mirror reverse mortgages. Wild Mirror will be carving its niche in the reverse mortgage industry and serve the mortgage loan needs of the aging people. The two main focal points of the company are to provide reverse mortgage loans for 50+ Americans and even for people having bad credit histories.

I the knowledgeable Gary Halk will serve as chairman and founder of the company due to my personal passion to help old people with mortgage problems. Wild Mirror will be created to provide its customers the best information available on reverse mortgage laws and proper execution strategy.  

Wild Mirror will cater strictly to reverse mortgage plans and services. It will not promote any other financial service or plan. Wild Mirror is synonymous to advancement and enlightenment in the world of reverse mortgage loans. I have a great level of expertise working on individual projects. If you require an expert advise or will like to use my services please email me, after first checking where you are holding through this reverse mortgage calculator. I will get back to you as soon as possible. For now I run all my clients reverse mortgages through RMA.

Please if you have feed back contact me.

This page was last updated on:  08.23.08

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